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Hello beautiful people, Welcome to my world! This is where you’ll find all my passions and adventures. My space is all about vegan health, travels and lifestyle. I was born in England, got married in 2018, moved to Canada and now we are teaching in Dubai! 

My goal for this blog is not only to share the wonderful things I’ve been blessed to experience (and eat) but to reflect on my own journey in this world. I’m here to share my passion and experience of living a fulfilling life and having a balance of these worldly things too. This space for my readers to feel inspired, positive and uplifted. Enjoy the journey and let’s learn from this beautiful life.

My Story

I feel many experiences in my life have given me an understanding of myself. I have a high sense of compassion for others, I am an empathic person. I’m learning and working on my confidence and finding a balance that works for me.

During my teen years my family was given the opportunity to welcome foster children into our home. This was where I learned the most valuable lessons of my life and realised the world was much bigger than little me. I learned how to manage my life during hectic times,  how to support those around me, and most importantly, how to take care of myself during all of this. Change is welcomed in my life and I am continuing this growth and sharing it with you too. 

We all have a purpose and sometimes we let our vulnerable moments win and we don’t give ourselves those opportunities to truly flourish. We are no different than those who we think are successful. One day we too can become who we are meant to be. 

love is the only language i speak fluently wall art with girl

Everyday life gives you a new opportunity to learn and take one small step closer to your goal. However, life also gives you the opportunity to say no to taking that step and often this is the easier one. This makes us chose the easier way out and we move further away from our goal.

I am working on resetting my life and rewiring my brain to be the best version as much as I can. Nothing in life is easy, but nothing is hard either. 

I am creating thoughtful content that will help you improve your life one day at a time. Join me to create a life you love. It’s time to prioritise nurturing your mind, soul and body.

Sending lots of love and positivity your way ✨

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